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The idea for The Lexicon sprang from the head of sentinel1966 "fully formed, like Athena from the head of her father Zeus, who had devoured her as an infant so that she would not grow up to overthrow him". The idea to turn it into a livejournal community, however, was all queenlyzard.

This is, fundamentally, a word list (or lexicon, if you will), but it is also more than that. It is a forum for discussing, sharing, and meditating upon our favorite words, the ones that are just too cool not to be used. Ultimately, sentinel1966 and queenlyzard will decide which words make up the final Lexicon, but we encourage and entreat other users to bring us your favorite words, explain their histories and derivations, ask questions about their usage, tell us where you found them, and so forth. We also deal in short phrases or word combinations of surpassing interest.

We do not plan to censor this journal, so please be aware that some of the words used and discussed may not be appropriate for children. It is not our intention to offend or shock anyone, but neither are we going out of our way to avoid doing so.

This is a pretty preliminary profile. We hope to update it and make it niftier as time goes on.